Friday, February 12, 2010

Under Construction "Looking for Writers, talent, designers who love Jesus and want to serve!" is looking for food bloggers! 

There are several blog shows we will be launching on our 180foodnetwork blog. 

Just to name a few:

You can be the next food blogger. We are looking for anything interesting about food!

You may be the next writer of a blog on 180 foodnetwork!

Or, you may be the next 180 food Network Star! Submit a 10 minute editable video clip of you cooking or eating something worthy.
Make all submissions to, or ask any questions about entries :
Every entry will be thoughtfully reviewed to add value to the purpose of LIFE ministry at 180 Church.

Coming up: 

"Sarah's Food Peeks!" (Our very own Sarah Kim will be peeking into the deliciousness of San Francisco next week. If you've been to San Francisco and have good food suggestions, send your info to: She leaves on Monday! 

"Eat, Cook, and Tell!" Ever cook something, or order something and get the urge to share it with people because it looks too darn good to keep it to yourself or off records? Food share- the urge to send a text, email or post up pictures of a food to someone you know because you just can't believe how good it looks and is. (Pastor Lydia's dictionary) So food-share and submit your pictures and stories to:

What's cooking in your kitchen? Our very own 180 cooking show. Featuring you! 

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